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  • General

    This section contains general articles to assist you with miscellaneous queries and issues.

  • Couriers and delivery

    Slerp has partnered with Stuart to fulfil on-demand delivery orders. Stuart is a disruptive on-demand delivery app and p

  • Slerp Mobile

    This section contains articles that will assist you in using the Slerp Mobile app and will help your location teams fulf

  • Get your packaging ready

    This section contains articles to help you with packaging and labelling your orders to optimise the fulfilment of on-dem

  • Improving your SlerpSpace

    This section contains articles that help you improve your SlerpSpace and drive sales conversions through social media en

  • Customer payments

    Slerp uses Stripe to facilitate customer payments online. Stripe provides a user-friendly way for individuals and busine

  • Subscription plans

    Discover which pricing plan suits your business needs and aspirations.

  • Release notes

    This section contains periodic release notes to help you stay on top of new features, bug fixes and updates to the Slerp